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Building Envelope Visual Inspection


Up to 8 hours onsite with a Building Doctor who will visually assess the exterior of your building(s) looking for a sampling of overall conditions, any clues of leaks or failed sealants, and any obvious indicators of maintenance or repairs that are visually evident to our trained eyes.

Our engineers and inspectors are available to perform full visual inspections of your building(s) and produce a written report with photos, documenting our findings and providing a narrative repair plan if necessary. Visual Inspections should be performed annually, or when suspicious activity arises, repairs are being done, after storms or other damage, and after any reported leaks. No invasive (pulling siding off) work is performed during a visual inspection.

This type of visual inspection is great for:

  1. It’s been awhile since you have had your building inspected and its time to get back on that maintenance track
  2. You have known leaks and need to assemble a repair plan
  3. Need a second opinion on your reserve study or another report or an estimate for repairs
  4. Annual inspections as required by your bylaws
  5. For an independent review of your project prior to any expensive repairs
  6. Verifying contractor’s work

If your visual inspection reveals damage, improper construction techniques, or if you need to better understand the problem — you may need an invasive inspection! A visual inspection will only reveal the symptoms that are visibly evident, but an invasive inspection will reveal the cause and any damage that is present under the cladding. During an invasive inspection, the inspector removes cladding and other exterior elements in key areas to fully understand the extent of the damage.

  • Visual Building Envelope Inspection
  • Up to 8 Hours on Site with 1-2 Inspectors
  • Review Current Reserve Study and other documents provided by Client
  • Photo Report of Findings
  • Documentation of typical stains, damage, defective conditions, and maintenance related items
  • Matrix of priority identifying one-, three-, and five-year issues
  • Narrative Repair Plan
  • May include moisture readings or thermal imaging for leak testing
  • Includes roof walk if roof has installed roof anchors for safety, otherwise visual from ground or drone


Scheduling routine visual checks is proven to expose potential for damage! Learn more about the common symptoms that indicate a larger problem with your building. Recognizing these symptoms and acting quickly ensures the problem doesn’t get out of hand, presenting challenges to your building’s occupants.

Building Envelope Inspection


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