Building Envelope Services

No proposal needed to inspect, maintain, and repair your building. J2 Building Consultants has Building Envelope services ready for purchase via credit card and ACH. 

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Pricing for Standard Services



Wellness Check

Better understand your building envelope and potential safety risks to keep your building out of the Emergency Room.

Wellness Check-1

  • Expert Inspector on site for up to 2 hours to help you better understand potential building envelope safety risks and damage
  • Preliminary visual building envelope observations report with photos of findings (up to 6 pages)
  • Review existing documents
  • Rapid visual screening of symptoms of damage: staining, cracking, leaks & defective conditions
  • Prioritize potential immediate, short-term, and long-term issues
  • Symptoms of Damage: Visual observations of potential issues such as staining, cracking, leaks, defective conditions, possible deterioration, and immediate action needed.
  • Follow-up: Brief meeting/video conference with the Client to discuss our report and recommendations for further review.


Visual Exam

Understand the health of your building components to properly plan for future maintenance, repair, and replacement

Visual Exam-1

  • Visual Building Envelope Inspection
  • Up to 8 Hours on Site
  • Itemized Report of Findings with photos and narrative explanation of recommended corrective action (typically 30+ pages)
  • Documentation of stains, damage, defective conditions, and maintenance related items
  • Identify potential life safety issues, apparent leaks, performance concerns, and maintenance items
  • Compliance: Note observed installation concerns or other issues not in compliance with original construction documents (if applicable), code, industry standards, and manufacturer's instructions.
  • Review current Reserve Study, capital needs assessment, and other documents you provide
  • Does not include invasive openings (pulling siding off) or detailed analysis of the structure
  • Follow-up: Meeting/video conference with the Client to discuss our report and recommendations for further review.

Custom Pricing

Diagnostic Testing & Evaluation

The "MRI" your building needs to diagnose symptoms of damage and plan the treatment process.

$0 Cost to Get Started

Diagnostic Testing-1

  • Includes all services noted in the Visual Exam, as well as the following (as needed)
  • Temporarily removing and reinstalling siding, roofing, decking, etc. to reveal underlying conditions and construction defect (also known as invasive inspection)
  • Water penetration testing
  • Humidity and moisture testing
  • Airflow testing
  • Hygrothermal analysis
  • Ventilation calculations
  • Building code analysis
  • Structural analysis performed by in-house licensed engineers
  • Customizable for size and extent of inspection process. Let's talk about the options and get you a free proposal for review!

Damage prevention starts with routine visual checks!

J2 will Diagnose, Prescribe, and Treat your sick building. 

Staining & Growth

Staining & Growth

Peeling Paint and Swelling

Peeling Paint & Swelling

Leaks and Condensation





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