Building Envelope Study

Diagnostic Testing & Evaluation for your Building

The "MRI" your building needs to diagnose symptoms of damage and plan the treatment process. Every building is different! Get on a call with us if you're not ready to purchase a standard service. 

Say Goodbye to Stressful Board Meetings

Find out if your building is sick, damaged, or unsafe and start feeling confident in your home.

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Learn the peace of mind that comes with knowing your building is safe.

Save Time & Money

Stop throwing good money after bad with one maintenance contractor after another.

We don't just inspect buildings

We build a relationship with you based on communication, clarity & education

"The process has been pretty amazing. They help manage the whole schedule, then go through and do quality checks on the work that’s going on."

" You know it’s going to be done right. J2 has the owner’s best interest at heart."

" We’ve tried working with other consultants and sometimes they didn’t understand what we were trying to accomplish. J2 understood what we were doing. It was a great experience."

How it Works

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  • 4. Inspection & Report

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Schedule your clarity call

Choose a time that works best for you to discuss your building and our process. No fees, no commitment. We'll answer your questions and help you get started. 


Get a proposal

Once we have an understanding of your needs, if we're the right fit for your building we'll write you a proposal and send it for review.

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Sign & Schedule

Once you eSign your proposal, we can get you scheduled with an inspector. 
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Inspection & Report

Our Building Doctors will visit the site, inspect your building, and write a detailed photo-documented report of our findings. 

What is a Building Envelope Study?


Do you know you need repairs, siding, or roof replacement, and need expert guidance through the process? A Visual Exam looks for clues, but Diagnostic Testing & Evaluation is the true X-ray or MRI that shows you the problem and extent of damage. Having a good understanding of what you are getting into is the best way to avoid expensive change orders during the repair process for those hidden conditions.

Also known as an "Invasive Inspection," our engineers and inspectors will work with a licensed contractor to open up siding and building components, perform diagnostic testing and evaluation of your building(s), document our findings, produce a written report with photos, and provide repair recommendations.



Diagnosing the source of your building’s leaks


Planning for major repair, replacement, or capital improvement projects to prevent future surprises & change-orders.


Insurance or Lawsuit Support


End of warranty period: Verify conditions before the warranty expires

Key Services


Visual Exam

Your proposal may include key services performed in the Visual Exam such as:
  • Visual Building Envelope Inspection
  • Itemized Report of Findings with photos and narrative explanation of recommended corrective action (typically 30+ pages)
  • Documentation of stains, damage, defective conditions, and maintenance related items
  • Identify potential life safety issues, apparent leaks, performance concerns, and maintenance items
  • Compliance: Note observed installation concerns or other issues not in compliance with original construction documents (if applicable), code, industry standards, and manufacturer's instructions.
  • Includes observation of some roofs, decks, siding, windows, foundations, and other areas depending on accessibility and safety
  • Follow-up: Meeting/video conference with the Client to discuss our report and recommendations for further review.

Document Review

Review provided documents, photos, plans, and other information

Invasive Inspection

Temporarily removing and reinstalling siding, roofing, decking, etc. to reveal any hidden damage, defects, or underlying concerns. 

Testing & Analysis

Examples of testing and analysis could include:

  • Water penetration testing

  • Humidity and moisture testing

  • Airflow testing

  • Hygrothermal analysis

  • Ventilation calculations

  • Building code analysis


Engineering analysis performed by in-house licensed engineers

Next Steps

If our inspection reveals damage and repairs are necessary, we can help you with recommended next steps such as:

  • Repair plans and construction documents for permit and contractor bidding

  • Obtaining contractor bids, helping you interview and select the best contractor

  • Helping you and your attorney with the contract assembly and insurance requirements

  • Overseeing the contractors (contract administration, quality inspections, and owner’s representative) to make sure they put it back together correctly

  • Putting you in touch with the best banks, attorneys, and reserve consultants to assist you with the project

  • Helping you with warranties and close out information, updating your maintenance schedules

  • Expert services for insurance claims or litigation support if needed

Custom Services

Customizable for size and extent of inspection process. Let's talk about the options and get you a free proposal for review!

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Virtual Building Doctor

A low-cost and easy way to get expert advice from a Building Doctor when you feel trapped by your budget, rules, and building damage. 

Up to 2 hours of professional *virtual* services.

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Wellness Check

Better understand your building envelope and potential safety risks to keep your building out of the Emergency Room.

Up to 2 hours on site with photo documented findings report, up to 6 pages. 

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Visual Exam

Understand the health of your building components to properly plan for future maintenance, repair, and replacement.

Up to 8 hours on site with itemized photo documented findings report, typically 30+ pages. 

Visual Exam-1