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We'll help you diagnose your sick building!

Buildings differ from one community to the next, but when you have new volunteers joining your Board every few years (or every few months… you know who you are) it can feel IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with maintenance, bylaws, and budgets.

Ask the Building Doctor your questions and listen to the struggles of other Board members just like you. Join us on the last Tuesday of every month for The Building Doctor Show.

Free and open to Boards, homeowners, and managers! Just register for the next live webinar using the link below, and submit your questions and pictures! 

Join us at 3:30pm (Pacific time) on the last Tuesday of every month!


Speakers - October 25

This month's webinar will be a discussion about planning, preparing for, and managing multifamily plumbing repair projects. 

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Jens Johanson

The Building Doctor

Founder, J2 Building Consultants

With 35 years of experience in the construction industry and a focus on the building envelope, Jens has a passion for helping Condo Boards keep their buildings and communities healthy. 

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Jerod Trenchard

Senior Project Manager, J2 Building Consultants

Jerod Trenchard is passionate about helping condo owners understand their buildings and how to handle even the most daunting repairs. He specializes in multifamily plumbing repair projects and feels most gratified when clients can feel safe and happy in their homes. 

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Join us at 3:30pm (Pacific time) on the last Tuesday of every month!

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