Virtual Building Doctor

A low-cost and easy way to get expert advice from a Building Doctor when you feel trapped by your budget, rules, and building damage. 


What is a Virtual Building Doctor? 


Office Hours with the Virtual Building Doctor: Up to 2 hours with a Building Doctor on a video conference call. This is very popular for reviewing documents, virtually attending board meetings, or virtually walking the property to review building envelope conditions without paying for travel time and mileage!


Condo board members are volunteers with a life full of other responsibilities. Don't waste your time and resources when virtual services are an option! We want to answer your building questions without the hassle.

We're here to help Condo HOA Boards, Community Managers, and contractors who need an expert's opinion on a project, and anyone else who needs advice about their building envelope to get their plans back on track.


Ask all your questions over a video call to gain expert advice and shed some light on your building issues.  

Just as your doctor provides telehealth with a video chat, J2 provides virtual building advice, board coaching, and inspection services to provide you with quick answers, evaluate your ideas, or visually review conditions of your building.

No copay, no additional billable hours, and no waiting room!

Attend the call 1-on-1 or invite your entire Board. This time is yours! 


  • Spending enough time to answer your questions
  • Attending a meeting, speak with the Board and answer questions 
  • Virtually reviewing building conditions
  • A review of a consultant or contractor's report
  • Ask the expert Q&A


  • Detailed review or analysis
  • Knowing all the property history and answers
  • Actually seeing the property in person
  • Performing our own study
  • Forming an opinion based on study and research





It shouldn't be so hard to get answers about your safety

You don't have the time or budget to bring an engineer to your site. Now, you don't have to.

What's Included

Ideas for utilizing your time with our experts


2 Hours Retainer

  • Up to 2 hours of professional virtual services - Use this time for whatever you need!

  • We’ll pair you with a Principal at J2 (15+ years Building Envelope and Board Leadership experience)

Document Review

  • Review current Reserve Study

  • Capital needs assessment

  • Drawings

  • Previous reports

  • Other documents you provide

*We can review provided documents before our meeting - this usually takes one of your 2 hours. 

Attend a Board Meeting

  • Expert attends your Board Meeting

  • Expert opinion on meeting topics

  • Board training or coaching

  • Third-party advice

Contractor Review

  • Guidance with construction-related issues

  • Bid review

  • Contractor selection advice

  • Construction workmanship visual review (virtually)

Building Issues - Visual Review

Use your mobile phone or tablet to perform a virtual site-walk on Zoom to show us your concerns

Other Virtual Services

Use your time with our experts to discuss whatever you need help with


Common Next Steps

After your Virtual appointment, we can usually recommend moving to a Wellness Check, Visual Exam, or Invasive Inspection

How it Works

  • 1. Choose a Time

  • 2. Enter Your Information

  • 3. Gather Your Board

  • 4. Get Answers! 💡

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Check Your Schedule

Choose a time that works best for you (and your Board!) and reserve a time on Jens’ schedule. You’ll have up to 2 Hours to discuss all your questions or virtually inspect the property. 

Don’t see the time you need? Schedule a clarity call with us to work something out.

If you need to reschedule or cancel, no worries! Our team will work with you to make it right.


Enter Your Information

After choosing your time slot, you’ll be prompted to submit some information about your property as well as your payment via credit, debit, or ACH bank transfer to secure your spot.


Gather Your Board & Documents

Get everyone together to decide what you want to get Jens’ help on.

Do you want him to spend some time on document review before your meeting? (usually one of the 2 hours)

Do you need him to attend a board meeting, review contractor bids, or inspect your building via Zoom?  

Send over your requests!

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Get Answers!

Once your Board has a list of questions ready, log in to your Zoom call with Jens! Get to know Jens’ expertise here

Get Started

Schedule your Virtual Building Doctor call today to get answers ASAP! Enter your property information so we can research a bit about the area before our call. 

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Wellness Check

Better understand your building envelope and potential safety risks to keep your building out of the Emergency Room.

Up to 2 hours on site with photo documented findings report, up to 6 pages. 

Wellness Check-1


Visual Exam

Understand the health of your building components to properly plan for future maintenance, repair, and replacement.

Up to 8 hours on site with itemized photo documented findings report, typically 30+ pages. 

Visual Exam-1