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Review the details of the Wellness Check, Visual Exam, and Diagnostic Evaluation. Is the Visual Exam right for you?


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Onboarding Call

We’ll give you a call to discuss your property information and introduce you to the process. At this time, we’ll also double check that the Visual Exam is right for your needs.

This service is limited to a 50-mile radius of the J2 offices and small to medium sized properties. If you need something customized, schedule a call to talk about it


Observations & Report

Our Building Doctors will visit the site, visually inspect the building(s) for up to 8 hours, and write a photo-documented report of our findings (typically 30+ pages).

What is a Visual Exam?




Up to 8 hours on site plus a photo-documented findings report from a Building Doctor who will visually evaluate the exterior of your building(s) looking for a sampling of overall conditions, any clues of failures, and indicators of maintenance or repairs that are visually evident to our trained eyes.


Visual Inspections should be performed every 1-3 years, as well as:

  • After storms or other damage from water or fire
  • After reported leaks or evidence of potential damage
  • Before, during, and after repairs are performed

Our team of inspectors will perform a visual inspection of your building(s), produce a written report with photos, document our findings (typically 30+ pages), and recommend corrective action if needed.


Building Envelope exterior review:

  • Roofing assembly, flashing, sealants, gutters/drains, other related components
  • Exterior claddings and integrated components including flashing, and sealants
  • Exterior windows, doors and integrated components
  • Exterior decks, landings and/or stairways including deck surface, drainage, flashings, sealants, and other integrated components


The Visual Exam is not an in-depth or detailed inspection of every individual unit and building component.

A Visual Exam is not the same thing as a Reserve Study inspection. 



This inspection is limited to 8 hours, so if your property is large, our inspectors will not have time to do a proper visual inspection.

If you would like something more comprehensive, give us a call. We’re happy to write a customized proposal for you!

You’ll also need a customized proposal if your building requires any ladders, lifts, or safety equipment to perform a proper inspection.

Give us a call


This type of visual inspection is great for:

  1. Annual inspections as required by your community bylaws
  2. Verifying a contractor’s work
  3. It’s been a while since you have had your building inspected and it’s time to get back on track with maintenance
  4. You have known leaks or other issues/concerns and need to take the first step in assembling a repair plan
  5. You need a second opinion on your reserve study or another report or an estimate for repairs
  6. Independent review of your property before diving into expensive repairs
  7. You are preparing for a major renovation and want to avoid unpleasant "surprises"

You deserve to know if your building is unsafe

Living with water damage is a rotten feeling. Get an expert's opinion about your building problems.

What's Included


8 Hours on Site

Expert Inspector on site for up to 8 hours to help you better understand potential building envelope safety risks and damage.

Expert Opinion

Meet on-site to discuss specific concerns. Feedback on your maintenance plan and repairs from an expert in building envelope science.

Itemized Findings Report

Report with photo documentation of our observations that describes our findings and provides general recommendations for next steps (typically 30+ pages)

Areas of Concern

Document the condition of observable materials including possible deterioration or defects, observed maintenance concerns, and immediate repairs needed.


Note observed installation concerns or other issues not in compliance with original construction documents (if applicable), code, industry standards, and manufacturer's instructions.

Symptoms of Damage

Visual observations of potential issues such as staining, cracking, leaks, defective conditions, possible deterioration, and immediate action needed.

Document Review

Preliminary review of maintenance history, reports, reserve study, existing plans and/or other available information.

Follow Up

Meeting/video conference with the Client to discuss our report and recommendations for further review.

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Virtual Building Doctor

A low-cost and easy way to get expert advice from a Building Doctor when you feel trapped by your budget, rules, and building damage. 

Up to 2 hours of professional *virtual* services.

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Wellness Check

Better understand your building envelope and potential safety risks to keep your building out of the Emergency Room.

Up to 2 hours on site with photo documented findings report, up to 6 pages. 

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